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Choose From a Variety of FREE Seminars, Workshops, and Classes.

Attend or Schedule One For Your Group or Organization.

POWER OF FOOD WORKSHOP - “HOW TO TRANSITION TO A HEALTHY-EATING LIFESTYLE!”  Learn how you can Prevent and Even Reverse Disease, Discomfort, and Overweight.  This program consists of an inspiring video plus a comprehensive "how-to" workshop packed with tips and practical information.  Discover ways to transition to a healthier eating lifestyle, lose weight and keep it off, shopping tips, cooking tips, recipes, discussion, and Q & A.  A great way to jump-start one's path to great health, vitality, and longevity.  The program length is flexible from 90 to 120 minutes depending on your needs and wants.

"HOW TO DIE YOUNG...AS LATE AS POSSIBLE!"   This is a 60-90 minute presentation on how to stay young in mind, body, heart, and spirit.   The format includes a short video, a presentation on The Ten Strategies To Die Young ... As Late As Possible, and an interactive discussion with questions and answers.  Discover the path to leading a healthy, happy, purposeful, and youthful life, starting at any time in one's life.  

"THE POWER OF FOOD SEMINAR."  This half-day presentation includes an enlightening and entertaining movie, a healthy lunch, followed by a comprehensive "how-to" workshop packed with tips and practical information.  Learn how to transition to a healthier eating lifestyle, prevent and reverse disease, lose weight and keep it off, shopping tips, cooking tips, recipes and more. Hours generally are 10 AM to 2:30 PM or can be done in the evening.  We discuss what foods are healthy and what foods are not. 

"CHOOSE TO LOSE!  How to lose weight naturally and keep it off!"  This is a 60 or 90-minute multi-media presentation and workshop focusing on how plant-based nutrition enables folks to lose weight and feel great! No pills, no meds, no fad diets, and no expensive clubs to join. Life-altering.

PERSONAL GROWTH FORUM:  Held on the Third Thursday of each month.  Features experts from a variety of alternative health modalities. 


POWER OF FOOD GROUP GATHERINGS:  Held on the Third Tuesday of each month.  This is a get-together of people seeking a healthy-eating lifestyle.  Meetings start with a plant-based pot-luck dinner followed by an educational program.  Inspiration, education, and support.  Free!  JOIN HERE!


QIGONG CLASSES and DEMONSTRATIONS:  Qigong is an easy-to-learn Chinese wellness system.  Among its many benefits are increased energy and decreased stress levels.  Fun and Healthy!  Classes are 45-60-minutes in length.  LEARN MORE HERE!


"SEX TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN!"  This approximate hour-long program is conducted in a "roundtable" discussion-type format.  It is designed to raise awareness of this very serious global problem through a presentation of facts, personal experiences, and Q & A.  Learn more about our ACT Project to Abolish Child Trafficking HERE.



  • All of the programs are free of charge.  Optional donations are appreciated. 


  • All donated proceeds are given to local charities and people in need and have totaled in excess of $21,000! 


  • All of our programs can be customized to fit the needs of the organizers and attendees.

Schedule and Plan a Program for Your Group



Bob & Fran German are not licensed medical professionals. 
The information they share is based on their own personal research and life experiences. 
They urge everyone to consult with their doctors before changing any diet or exercise regimen.
medical professionals. 

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