PRIVATE COACHING - In these sessions, you meet privately or with your spouse or partner with Bob and Fran for a 45-60 minute session via Zoom.  Here you can ask and discuss all of your questions regarding healthy aging.  This can include reversing and preventing illness, diet, exercise, stress relief, and more.  You should make a list of your questions in advance.  These consultations are donation-based.  All proceeds go to fight child trafficking (typically $50-$150).

Email Bob & Fran HERE to schedule a day/time or to ask any questions.

SMALL GROUP COACHING - These interactive gatherings of up to 10 participants are organized by one "point person" and can be customized to the needs of the group. This one-hour Zoom session typically starts with Bob & Fran briefly telling about their journey to a healthy aging lifestyle, followed by a comprehensive Q & A.  Topics can center on a whole food plant-based diet, reversing and preventing disease, and/or other strategies for great health, happiness, and longevity.  The cost is typically $15 per attendee with a minimum of $150 for this event.  100% of the proceeds go to fight child trafficking.

Email Bob & Fran HERE to schedule a day/time or to ask any questions.

NOTE:  Bob and Fran are not licensed, medical professionals.  They advise you to get your doctor's approval when starting a new lifestyle regimen, including diet and exercise.