About Bob and Fran

We are now in our 80's and we're feeling better than ever!  We have a wonderful family – three children and four grandchildren.  We have enjoyed successful careers and traveled to more than 75 countries worldwide. 


Along the way, we became human rights activists, martial artists, mediators and negotiators, students and teachers in the Buddhist tradition, public speakers, international volunteers, and still serve as advisers to a number of non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals globally.


We have experienced numerous exciting adventures, learned from many incredible wisdom teachers, and have overcome life's inevitable challenges including life-threatening illnesses.  We are profoundly grateful to have been touched by countless wise and unforgettable people, near and far.


Long ago we made it our intention to stay young and healthy in mind, body, heart, and spirit.  We are honored to share with others whatever knowledge and wisdom we have acquired and continue to learn from others, as well.


We strongly believe that getting older does not have to mean getting sicker.  We also feel that all of us need to be our own health advocates and not simply depend on medical professionals to tell us what to do.  This means doing our own research and exploring and implementing alternate ways to prevent and even reverse disease.  For most of us, this means changing our lifestyles for the better -- more vitality and longevity.


We continually “live young” and lead happy, healthy, and meaningful lives.  And we always try to give back.  It has become our passion to help others live healthier and happier lives.  This is why we created this website to be a resource for others who want to live their very best lives, especially the "third-third."


You might find our personal health stories of interest and how we arrived on the incredible life-altering path that we now follow.  Read on and then think about joining us.

Fran's Story


After returning home from a trip to China in the Fall of 1992, I started feeling some minor muscular changes but didn't think too much of it.  But, then one day I woke up and couldn't open one eye. I went to my doctor who took one look at me and said he thought I had Bell's Palsy.  I then said to him, "No, I think it's Myasthenia Gravis."  I don't know why I said that since MG is a very rare neuromuscular disease that even most doctors don't know much about.  He sent me to a neurologist who did a simple test and confirmed that my diagnosis was correct!  I was told that MG was incurable, that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life, and that my life expectancy would be shortened.  In other words, my situation was hopeless! 


I was prescribed several heavy duty drugs including prednisone and was told that there wasn't much else that could be done.  I chose not to accept that "verdict."  Instead, I kept searching for ways to improve my health. I started practicing tai chi and qigong.  I walked several miles each day.  I tried to eat healthier (white meat chicken, turkey, and fish) although at the time I didn't know much about what was and wasn't healthy!  I was very sick at times and even wound up in ICU for 5 days because of bad advice from a famous neurologist! 


Then, in 2006, I heard a clinical nutritionist speak.  He explained that animal products compromise the immune system and recommended that patients with MG or any autoimmune disease switch to a plant-based diet.  I immediately did so and in just a few weeks I was off all medications and no longer had any symptoms of MG.  It is now 13 years later and I feel safe in saying that I no longer have this "incurable" disease!


Bob's Story
In 2006, I also developed a serious health issue. I learned that I had a small tumor on the outside of my left kidney.  My urologist advised me to have it removed asap.  I went to Duke Medical Center and had cryoablation surgery, a procedure that froze the tumor off.  It turned out to be malignant.
The surgeon advised me that he got the entire tumor off but explained that this type of tumor has been known to return.  However, he did not advise any lifestyle changes, so to lessen the chance of the cancer recurring,  I also adopted a plant-based diet.  I have been cancer-free for 13 years.
And we've heard that even the surgeon has since switched to a plant-based diet! 

So, we hope you find this website to be useful and that you will check out our popular YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  Always feel free to contact us with questions or to have us speak to your group or organization.
We invite you to join us on our healthy aging journey.
Feel Good.  Look Good.  Do Good.
Bob & Fran


NOTE:  The information we share is based on our own personal research and life experiences.  We are not licensed, medical professionals.   We urge everyone to consult with their doctors before changing any lifestyle regimen, including diet and exercise.