Step 1 - List your Goals and Intentions.

Examples could include weight loss, more energy, prevent illness, overcome discomfort or disease, more friends, quieting the mind, better balance in my life, etc.  Write them down and keep them in a place so you can see it daily.


Step 2 -  Make a plan to accomplish these goals. Become your own health advocate.  Replace unwholesome habits with wholesome ones.


Step 3 -  Familiarize and follow the Ten Strategies to Die Young ... As Late As Possible.


Step 4 - Jump Right In!  Do not procrastinate.

4 Easy Steps To A Healthier Happier Lifestyle

Here's How You Can Get Started Now!


  • Attend our various free seminars, workshops, and classes.  Participate in local health-oriented events and activities that we support.  SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE


  • Participate in our local free Qigong Classes.  It is a perfect exercise practice to complement a healthy-aging lifestyle.  DISCOVER QIGONG HERE!


  • JOIN THE "POWER OF FOOD" GROUP!   Discover the benefits of eating well, meet inspiring like-minded folks, and learn how to prevent and even reverse disease.  Also, you will be kept informed of local health-oriented programs and events.


  • Learn so much from our popular book, "101 Ways To Be Young At Any Age!"  It is packed with life-altering tips and techniques.  Just $9.99 and all proceeds go to Abolish Child Trafficking.  LEARN ABOUT OUR BOOK HERE.


  • Bob & Fran's ACT Project to Abolish Child Trafficking is an important outreach program that is supported by the "Young At Any Age Community."  You can help!  VISIT THE ACT PROJECT WEBSITE HERE!



  • Receive our popular and free "MONTHLY INSIGHTS" - wisdom from our life's journey Here we share practical ideas that we use for growing younger, not older!  Learn to lead a more healthy, happy, and meaningful life.  These  "nuggets" of wisdom change your life in so many positive ways,  just as it has for many others ... starting at any age. Complete this form below.












  • Another reminder -- Start to implement our TEN LIFE-CHANGING STRATEGIES.  Each plays an important role in your growing younger, not older -- a healthier body, a calmer mind,  and a lifted spirit. 


  • Take a look throughout this website for ideas and resources.








The "Young At Any Age Community" activities and events are open to everyone! 

Have a friend or two participate with you.  Spread the word!